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Release Notes for Ant 1.10.8
Changes from Ant 1.10.7 TO Ant 1.10.8

Fixed bugs:

 * "legacy-xml" formatter of junitlauncher task wasn't writing out
   the stacktrace for failures. This is now fixed.
   Bugzilla Report 63827

 * sshexec failed to write output to a file if the file didn't exist

 * Fixes a regression in javac task involving command line argument
   Bugzilla Report 63874

 * sshexec, sshsession and scp now support a new sshConfig parameter.
   It specified the SSH configuration file (typically ${user.home}/.ssh/config)
   defining the username and keyfile to be used per host.

 * "legacy-xml" formatter of junitlauncher task wasn't writing out
   exceptions that happen in @BeforeAll method of a test. This is now fixed.
   Bugzilla Report 63850

 * Building Ant from source could result in the javadocs target failing if the
   optional dependencies were missing. This has now been fixed.
   Bugzilla Report 63438

 * Fixes a potential ConcurrentModificationException in XMLLogger.
   Bugzilla Report 63921

 * Fixes a bug in junitlauncher task in forked mode, where if a listener element
   was used as a sibling element for either the test or testclasses element,
   then the forked mode launch would fail.
   Bugzilla Report 63958

 * Fixes an issue in AntStructure where an incorrect DTD was being generated.
   Github Pull Request #116

 * Fixes an incorrect variable name usage in junit-frames-xalan1.xsl.
   Github Pull Request #117

Other changes:

 * will now send a fully qualified
   domain name in its HELO message.
   Github Pull Request #101

 * The script should now work with Python 3.
   Github Pull Request #96

 * tstamp task now honors SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable for
   reproducible builds (
   Bugzilla Report 62617

 * rmic has been removed from Java 15. The task will now throw an
   exception if you try to use it while running Java 15 or newer.

 * a new property ant.tmpdir provides improved control over the
   location Ant uses to create temporary files